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A fully-functional website is your branch office on the Internet, maybe, the most profitable in future.

Such website consists of 30-40 pages, distributed into 5-15 sections and categories. The development of a fully-functional website lasts for 30-40 days. Price starting at just $1195 (pricing details…)

What's Included In Price

  • A comprehensive business research, audience determination, requirements specification;
  • Domain name suggestion (for example, MySite.com), domain registration and 1 month of hosting (if required);
  • professional web design;
  • table-free valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 markup compatible with Internet Explorer 6/7, Firefox 2, Opera 9 и Safari 3;
  • Menu and navigation in web 2.0 style;
  • Installation and set-up of one of the most powerful content management systems — Joomla! 1.5:
    • unlimited number of pages, sections and categories;
    • unlimited number of users with different permissions;
    • website search;
    • poll module;
    • handy file upload;
    • RSS feeds for any section of the website;
    • our modules to maximize SEO efficiency — tag cloud of most popular search queries, custom link blocks for different pages of your website etc.;
    • sitemap.
  • search engine optimization, nice looking page URLs (mysite.com/prices/1-books/ instead of
  • up to 40 pages that are initially created by us (you can add more yourself then);
  • website submission to all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN);
  • Google AdWords (or another PPC) advertising campaign set-up
  • lifetime warranty.

You Can Also Order

  • photo gallery (with audio and video playback modules);
  • guestbook;
  • powerful online shop module;
  • forum;
  • corporate blog and employee custom blogs;
  • any other module you may need.

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